Our involvement in the wonderful world of Frenchies

Michael was born and bred in Wales.  The family owned various dogs including Welsh Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels and then two French Bulldogs, one after the other.  The Frenchies were Michael's favourite.  When we decided to get a dog, Michael insisted that it be a French Bulldog - as no other breed would do!  And so our journey into the dog world began in 1986 when after a year of searching, we bought our first frenchie Oliver.

Our interest in French Bulldogs is not solely about showing and breeding but also about the history and the development of the breed.  Both Michael and Liz have written extensively in various publications around the world.  Indeed Michael was awarded a 'Maxwell' award in 2003 for his regular column in The French Bullytin magazine by The Dog Writers Association of America.  He was nominated again the following year.

Liz is a Life Member of The French Bulldog Club of NSW and has served the committee in various capacities since 1986.  Liz is also the editor and woman behind the scenes, publishing for the club its popular Le Bouledogue Francais magazine, a job she thoroughly enjoys.

Michael and Liz are members of FBCNSW, The French Bulldog Club of Queenland (Liz is a Patron of that Club), The French Bulldog Club of England, Midland & Northern Counties FBC, and the French Bull Dog Club of America.

Liz has been judging French Bulldogs since 2000 and has had the great honour of judging Specialty Shows in Norway, Sweden, France, Taiwan, New Zealand, USA and of course in Australia.   Liz is also licensed to judge the Non-Sporting & Toy groups.  Read her interview published in Isssue #2 of Frenchie Fancy magazine July 2013.

As a frenchie bibliographer Michael has researched and put together an extensive and chronological annotated French Bulldog bibliography.   [Click on the link and immerse yourself into a world of frenchie print]

We have enjoyed our time in the breed and the many wonderful friends we have made along our journey.  Over thirty years now, who would have thought that that little dog Oliver made such an impact on our lives.

Liz Davidson  2017